Aadhaar card use for LPG gas

Updating Aadhaar card has many advantages and one among them is that you can use it for your LPG gas. All you need to do is link the number given on the card to your LPG consumer number for which you are supposed to do 2 things. They are:
1: Your LPG Consumer Number.
2: Name of the distributor
Few options with the help of which you can link your LPG with your card are:
1: You can post the application if you do not want to visit the distributor’s office or petrol pump.
2: You can directly call your respective company and follow the instructions of registration.
3: You can also personally hand over the application to distributor by dropping the application in the prescribed boxes, in the petrol bunks which belongs to the same company who is your LPG provider like Indane, HP, or Bharat etc.
4: You can go for its online facility too.
5: Else you can contact the call center for instructions.